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Riyadh City: Major Tourist Attractions of Saudi Arabia

Riyadh City: Major Tourist Attractions of Saudi Arabia

Riyadh is one of Famous Places in Saudi Arabia. Since 1973,Riyadh may be the capital Of Saudi Arabia that has many huge structures made from concrete, steel and glass. Additionally, it has numerous large hotels, one of the greatest airports within the world and hospitals. People who wish to ride a camel can see  on camel market. Here they are able to rent a camel and vacation on vacation. Those people who are using their families can see  on Riyadh Zoo that has many types of wildlife and it is very popular with kids. Al Musmak Castle is really a heritage site located in the town of Riyadh. This castle was built-in 1865 and it is visited by many people tourists due to the beautiful rooms, gate, watchtowers and pillared mosque. Riyadh is actually one of the leading holiday destinations.

Riyadh City Attractions of Saudi Arabia

The ruins from the Town of Old Diriyah are of historical significance. This website is based on the desert about 20 kilometers northwest from Riyadh City Center. This city was previously a stronghold from the powerful Saud family. You may also visit Jubbah, that is the place to find many ancient rock arts. Here you can study the clear way of life during prehistoric era. Tayma is really a fascinating site in Saudi Arabia where one can discover the interesting history. It was once prosperous settlement inhabited through the Jews.

Probably the most striking facet of Riyadh is its architecture, the industry vibrant juxtaposition from the old and also the new – contemporary high-rise towers shadow over buildings exuding old world charm. And also being the epicenter of power, the town is another commercial hub. Numerous educational, financial, agricultural, cultural, technical and social organizations have setup base here.

You can travel to some beautiful parks within the city to include joy for your feelings. The landscape is so pretty that you’ll keep gazing in the beautiful rows of trees, huge green lawns, and also the marvelous fountains. Al Dough Park, Al Shaeeb Park, Chamber of Commerce Park, Al Fouta Park, Al Hizam Park are the famous Riyadh Tourist attractions which definitely entertain the visitors. The gorgeous water pools, rows of trees, pathways and also the other sceneries could make you feel like you’re in Paradise. To create yourself comfortable, sitting arrangements come in the parks. Parks are the most useful spot to spend your leisure hours.

If you’d like to go to the Castles, Palaces and Historic Buildings, then definitely check out the information on Riyadh Tourist attractions. Ad’ Diriyah, Al Musmak Castle and Al-Murabba’a historical Palace are a handful of major Tourist attractions at Riyadh which supports you to definitely gather knowledge. Fundamental essentials important religious places in which the preachings from the Prophet are taken.


The bustling Olaya District may be the life blood of the city. This residential and commercial district offers accommodation, entertainment, dining and shopping options which will focus on your budget of the prince in addition to a pauper. The dominion Centre and also the Al Faisaliyah Center would be the area’s landmarks as the Sheraton , Howard Johnson Plaza , Al-Tamimi Shopping Centre and Haif Shopping Centre will also be popular nearby destinations.

Numerous shops, lively markets, world-cuisine restaurants and big malls keep both Salahuddin District and Street King Fahad full of tourists. The numerous hotels in the region, including the four-star Al Mutlaq Hotel offer convenient accommodation to people wanting to explore the town. Other attractions range from the Fal Commercial, Recreational Center Mall and also the Al-Shula Entertainment Centre .


The middle of the town, Al-Bathaa, can also be its oldest part. At its heart lies the gorgeous 19th-century Masmak Castle , that is among the city’s major attractions. Towards the west lies the Riyadh Museum of Background and Archeology .

The Qasr Al-Hukm or even the Justice Palace is found in the district of the identical name. It’s here the Governor meets citizens, learns their grievances and learns about issues affecting the location. Its architecture, like other buildings in the region, is really a fine combination of traditional and contemporary styles.

Diplomatic Quarter

The Diplomatic Quarter or DQ because it is popularly known, hosts foreign embassies, international organizations in addition to residences and malls. With lush gardens and diverse sports facilities, it’s also among the city’s greenest areas. It’s especially noted for its fine architecture, and it is considered one for other Islamic cities round the world.

As the Al Khobar District is really a preferred residential area for expatriates, the Al-Dira area is rich with commercial markets and traditional buildings, including the famous Royal Palace and Al-Mue’qila building.

To savor the baths and also the massages, you must visit Baths,Saunas and Mineral Spas. If you’re bored up, then check out for that other Riyadh tourist attractions like Fun time pizza, Fun town games center and Games village. Apply for the tasty junk food and drinks counter, which contributes to your refreshment.

Combined with the Riyadh City Travel Guide, it’s also vital that you learn about a brief history of Riyadh. You needn’t worry about the parking facilities that are around around the streets to create the Riyadh Tourist attractions successful.

Why? Riyadh is really a true oasis within the Saudi Arabian desert filled with culture, history, exquisite architecture as well as an exotic feel and opulence that’s certain to enchant just about any visitor. Modern Riyadh has retained its ancient heritage and business travellers can enjoy the numerous shopping and sight-seeing opportunities this city provides.

When? The optimum time to go to in Riyadh may be the late winter to spring from October to April if you find virtually no precipitation and also the average temperatures continue to be invitingly warm. The town is renowned for its evening thunderstorms that cool the town down just of sufficient length for that night arrive at life. Many locals escape heat from the scorching hot summers if you take breaks in cooler areas of the world.

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