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Rich Art & Crafts Culture of Saudi Arabia

Rich Art & Crafts Culture of Saudi Arabia

Culture of Saudi Arabia is the combination of customs and traditions, music and dance & arts and crafts. It is a rich culture shaped by the Islamic heritage and Bedouin traditions. Saudi people have adapted to the modern world by transformations in their customs, hospitality and even their style of dress. Interesting features are the part of the Saudi Arabia culture.

Rich Art & Crafts Culture of Saudi Arabia


The introduction of Islam in the 7th century AD in Saudi Arabia defined the region’s culture. Within a century of its birth in the Arabian Peninsula, Islam had spread west to the Atlantic Ocean and east to India and China. It fostered a dynamic period of great learning in culture, science, philosophy and the arts known as the Islamic “Golden Age.”

Food & Dance

  • Sword dance or the national Al-Ardha dance is significant attraction
  • Cuisine do not have pork items as Quran prohibits it


  • Tradition abstain them from consuming alcohol
  • Muslims offer five times Namaz daily in the mosques
  • Women wear veil when they leave house
  • Arabs wear long and loose garments
  • The simplest expression of hospitality is coffee – its preparation alone is an intricate cultural tradition, and it is often served in small cups along with dates and sweets.
  •  Another gesture of hospitality is the burning of incense (oud) to welcome guests.


  • People follow Wahhabi culture
  • Representation of animals or human beings in public places is not allowed
  • Guests are treated to a cup of coffee and date palms as a gesture of hospitality.
  • After a meal at a friend’s house the guest has to leave behind some food to show that he has eaten to satisfaction.


Saudi traditions are rooted in Islamic teachings and Arab customs, which Saudis learn about at an early age from their families and in schools.


  • Holy month of Ramadan and hajj season of pilgrimage are the most celebrated ones. People go to Makkah. The Hajj season concludes with the Eid Al-Adha holiday, in which it is traditional for families to slaughter a sheep in memory of Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son.
  • Eid-Al-Fitr is holiday in which people buy clothes and sweets for children and visit friends and relatives

Arts and Crafts

  • The art of calligraphy developed because the people wished the items in the Quran to appear more fascinating.
  • In recent years painting appears to be in fashion. The majority of the paintings have desert themes.
  • Bedouins tribe skills and art made Saudi Arabia art 7 craft a good reputation they are proud of.
  • Bedouins weave heavy cloth that serve the garment and a decor for the caravan
  • Bedouins are highly into metal carvings
  • They too design and develop fabulous & sophisticated jewelry
  • Delightfully impressed saddles and delicately carved turquoise and silver amulets are normal of such crafts
  • Bedouins also made lovely garments adorned with stones and woven with intricacy

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