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Learn About Palestine Culture & Society

Learn About Palestine Culture & Society

Palestinian Culture and Society closely resembles the neighboring countries of Syria, Lebanon and Jordan. The Arabian culture also offers a marked influence on the Palestine Culture and Society.

The main aspects of the Palestine Culture and Society range from the customs, religion, languages, literature, art, costumes and music from the land and its inhabitants. The culture of Palestine continues to be alive in the countries of Israel and Diaspora, even though they are separate from the territory of Palestine.

Palestine Culture

Culture and Society of Palestine


The favorite food of Palestine Culture and Society range from the bread, pasta, cheese, rice, sauces, soups and desserts. Spices and herbs are also popular with the Culture and Society of Palestine. Combined with the mouth watering dishes, beverages, including liquor, wine, coffee, tea along with other such drinks are becoming increasingly an essential part of the Palestine cuisine.


Before the early twentieth century, the different types of Palestinian art were heavily affected by artistic work in the Arab world. The negation from the Arabs of Palestine by succeeding phases of foreign occupation resulted in all art became a way to express national identity and ever the battle to try to preserve it. Theatre, cinema, painting, music and literature, all rooted in living tradition, oriented themselves towards a culture of resistance according to popular education, by expressing the suffering and also the struggle of the Palestinian people.


Palestinian musical art finds its sources in contemporary Arab music, both classical and traditional. The primary musical centers (Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq) which still dominate the musical field, have imposed their mark. Following the 1967 war, Palestinian musicians reoriented their music and production towards traditional and rural music. This helped to succeed the creation of many folkloric groups which mixed music, dancing (dabka) and resistance music.


The main religions practiced by the culture and society of Palestine are the ones of Islam with a major portion of the Sunni community, Druzism, Christianity, Samaritanism and Judaism.

Religions followed in Palestine mainly incorporate a large section of Sunni Muslims and a considerable portion of the Christians and Jews. The Jewish community in Palestine makes up about 0.6% of the total population within the Gaza strip. There is also Jewish community in the western world Bank area. About 17% of people in West Bank is Jew.


The languages which are mostly spoken in the country are the ones of the Arabic along with some Hebrew speaking people. The Armenian language can also be used in Palestine Culture and Society, as well as other languages like Samaritan Aramaic. There are also people owned by some Samaritan Hebrew linguistic minorities’ community within the society of Palestine.

Palestinian Festivals

Palestinian festivals bring a great deal of joy and happiness to folks of Palestine. There are a number of festivals in Palestine. They’re celebrated with extreme pomp and grandeur. A few of the Palestinian festivals are:

Palestine Mozart Festival

This festival is completed to pay reverence to the musical maestro Mozart. A lot of musicians from all over the world gather at Palestine in this festival. Workshops and seminars on music will also be organized to understand music thorough. This takes place in the cities of Jerusalem, Ramallah, Bethlehem and Nablus. Music instrumentalists stop by from Europe to be a thing about this festival.

Palestinian International Poetry Festival

It is an annual festival that takes devote the city of Jerusalem. It continues for 4 days and it is sponsored by Mishkenot Sha’ananim which is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. Seminars and workshops on poetries are held. The very first of this festival took place in 1990.

Ramallah Festival for Contemporary Dance

this dance festival is among the major festivals at Palestine. Dancing troupes from different corners around the globe actively participate in it to uphold their respective cultures.

Palestinian Culture and Customs

Palestine customs and conventions are closely associated with those of its neighboring countries of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and also the Arabian world.

  • The literature, art, religions, costumes, cuisines and music are manifestations of the Palestine customs.
  • The Palestinian customs and values are actually also followed in the surrounding countries of like Israel and Diaspora, that are completely separate territories.
  • The Palestine customs are rooted within the very soil of the land and therefore are hence inseparable from the lives of those belonging to Palestine.
  • The customs of Palestine not just get reflected on the society from the land and the people but additionally in the famous works of art and literature of the nation.
  • Most of the movies in Palestine are created with the help of the funds originating from Europe and Israel.
  • Although the Palestine cinema isn’t so much advanced as compared to the Arabian cinema, yet it’s really a true-to-life depiction of the Palestine customs and values.

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